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Wedding ring designer

Design the wedding ring of your dreams, from the ground up. Combine a wide variety of alloys, sizes, surfaces, colors and brilliants. Elegant platinum with warm gold or romantic rose gold, high gloss or sand matte with sparkling brilliants – your desires know no limits.

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Passion-driven wedding ring manufacturing

Roland Rauschmayer, the son of a Pforzheim family of clockmakers, began manufacturing wedding rings as a one man operation in 1963, driven by love and passion. From the very start, his primary focus was on the development and production of high quality wedding rings.


Optimal guidance from our partner jewelers near you

Design your unique wedding rings conveniently from home. Then take your ideal configuration to the jeweler of your choice, who will personally advise you and measure your ring size. You will then always have a personal contact nearby who can expertly advise you.


Rauschmayer quality, always 100% made in Germany

Roland Rauschmayer GmbH & Co. KG is one of the founding members of the 'German Wedding Ring Manufacturer's Initiative,' which stands for wedding ring manufacturing that is 100% made in Germany.


The Rauschmayer wedding band designer – unique rings for unique lovers

Your relationship is something special. In your time together it has grown and flourished - with countless words, with touch and with tender gestures. For this reason, many couples desire wedding rings that reflect their relationship and all its special nuances.

We understand that desire. That is why this wedding band configurator is dedicated to all those who wish to immortalize their love in an especially individual way.

We developed this wedding ring designer for you

It provides you with the ability to design your perfect wedding bands together - down to the smallest detail. You have the opportunity to design your rings from the beginning.

Nearly unlimited possibilities to design your wedding bands

Our wedding ring design application allows you to create your dream rings by giving you complete control over every aspect of the design process. You can decide if your rings should have one, two or three colors and if you prefer white gold, red gold, or yellow gold - or perhaps you're enthusiastic about platinum or palladium instead. Profile, thickness, width and more properties can be easily changed to suit your taste - and of course you're free to modify the amount, quality and number of diamonds to create the wedding rings you've always imagined.

Unique ring sets, unique rings

The Rauschmayer wedding band designer allows you to creat your wedding rings as a set - although both rings can also be forged indvidually. As a final touch you can choose to have a sign or an individual string of text engraved into your wedding rings, using laser or diamond engraving. This creates truly singular and enduring symbols of your special connection.

Creative freedom, flexible pricing

Our wedding ring configurator allows you complete creative freedom in designing your rings - at the same time you benefit from a transparent pricing structure that allows you to create the perfect rings for your budget. Give it a try - you will love it.

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